Step 23: A surprise in El Salvador

3 thoughts on “Step 23: A surprise in El Salvador”

  1. What a beautiful experience! Good thing you didn’t listen to me! I was just going by what some of my immigrant students had told me about their former country of El Salvador, and it wasn’t pretty! I think that because you are such a nice person and so positive, you just draw that type of person into your adventurous vortex and only good experiences can ensue. Again, a wonderful installment of a truly great adventure. Thanks!


  2. Thank you Bro. With your stories you make people travel with you, at least in their imagination!
    favorite part: “I was in a country I knew nothing about, I had no plan but at the same time it seemed to me that I have all the opportunities in the world open in front of me.”


  3. Neven, what an amazing trip you had passed through! I really fell in love with the country. I have heard of its notorious criminal rate, but you are absolutely right about leaving out people like Don Omar, Don Carlos, and his big, amazing family!

    And Sarah is hot, btw :)) Cheers!


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